Step-By-Step Understand, Imagine, Create, & Build a Business Website.


Business Purpose Consultant Services

Linda J Baldridge is the business purpose consultant for Website Aesthetics Guru in business fundamentals and helping you walk through the setup phase of a website domain and design.


: understanding a website & its value to your business

: imagining your new website domain,

: to creating your aesthetically pleasing website,

: to building your new online business site.

Step-by-step simple guidance.

Step-by-Step Understanding to Key Areas of a Website Domain & Design

Guidance & Learning to Business Website Development

  • The Website Domain
  • Picking a simple aesthetically pleasing template
  • Meta Description, title tags, keyword elements
  • Page title url (H1)
  • Subheadings (H2)
  • Body of your content
  • Images & Alt attributes
  • What is primary/ long-tailed keyword?
  • What is Keyword Strategy?
  • What is an amazing website domain name?


Thank you, Linda, for designing our simple five page website for our construction company. Appreciate the quick response time and it’s working perfectly for us.

Leonel Ramirez/ Ram’z General Contractor LLC.

Thank you so much for the step-by-step consultation into the development of our asphalt paving site. You have been so insightful and kind in helping us understand the dynamics of a website.

Robert Benjamin/

Let’s build something great together.

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