Website Domain – Your Business Calling Card

Website Domain Business Calling Card

Good afternoon Beautiful Entreprenuers! In this article of, Website Domain- Your Business Calling Card. I want to share a story with you, of a young woman by the name of Desiree. Now Desiree loves to create stunning jewelry, and she sells it to her friends and family. But, she is struggling with sales.

She wants to work from home because she has children that are in school. An added bonus is an extra room in her home that she has turned into an office, aka jewelry shop too. Now Desiree had some beautiful business cards made. She makes a great effort passing them around to everyone she knows. She also had put together a simple website design to display her stunning jewelry pieces on.

Patience pays off: Website Domain Business Calling Card.

Yet, for all the effort she put into her little jewelry business website. Still her phone is silent and no request for her creative handmade jewelry pieces. She became more frustrated as time went on, she wanted to quit.

Then a friend told HER, she should reach out to some of the Facebook Groups online about small business and start asking questions and seek help.

That’s when she found me, see from time-to-time I offer my MentorZenShip Program, I could say it’s my contribution to humanity, a community volunteering service.

See, I know what it’s like to struggle with getting your new small business off of the ground. Something I had learned in my thirty years experience, one has to have an amazing business plan. I always try to offer a suggestion of creating a concise and clear definition of your small business.

Yet, Sometimes, We Put the Cart Before the Horse.

Sometimes we get too excited after selling a few products like poor Desiree. We get in a hurry to just put something quickly together without putting the leg work into doing it right.

Now business cards are wonderful to have, but, having a tailored well-put-together website domain that fully functional is so worth it. Website domain and design that works better than just a regular business card that can be the driving force for customers is an absolute necessity.

I understand that some people cannot grasp the concept of what a website domain. Or a website design that functions as a 24/7 business that can work for itself. Guess what, it’s not their fault.

Here are 6 suggestions I share with clients as a starting point for Website Domain & Design Calling Card

Creating the website that drives traffic and sales.

  • Website Domain Name. Don’t just choose any domain name, choose a domain name that resembles your business and products, I suggest using three keywords. One being your primary keyword, then a secondary word, then one last keyword. Look below at the example. Let’s use my business model.

Website + Aesthetics + Guru = a great search engine optimized site, this is concise and clear what I do here within my website.

  • Search Engine Optimization. Make a list of keywords with Google Keyword Planner. Search, search, and search your keywords.
  • Keywords for products or service. Every picture you use to display an item you are selling on your website design needs an alt tag. Tip: Same as your title.
  • Blog Post Title. When writing a blog post describing your product or service, your keywords must be tied together, blog title + image + keywords in paragraph as well.
  • Three to five keywords and no more. Google search is driven by keywords, and you want to use keywords that really home in on your products or service.
  • Outbound & Internal links are valuable. Links within your website should show clients the steps necessary to achieve a purchase of your products. We call it breadcrumbs.

I will be doing videos here shortly in teaching you how to create the perfect website domain. Also Design, using alt tags, linking pages (aka bread crumbing.) Also writing a blog post articles that get read, teaching other ways to drive traffic to your site.

Your Business Card & Website Design Should Align and Complement One Another.

Getting started is the hardest part, ask me some questions.


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