Tenacity. Personal and Professional.


Tenacity. Personal and Professional.

Good Morning, Beautiful Entreprenuer! I hope that your day is going well for you. “Tenacity. Personal and Professional.” and its relationship to life. I want to describe how tenacity, business attitude, and the personal human element play a key role in success.

Tenacity means the quality of being persistent and determined, even when faced with difficulties or obstacles. Maintaining a high level of quality and success with attitude.

When I think of the word tenacity, I think of attitude. But not the kind of attitude that inhibits us in our personal day-to-day life or our workplace environment.

The type of attitude that is encouragement to everyone.

Tenacity. Personal and Professional defined in the workplace and home life.

When it comes to achieving our goals, having tenacity, is crucial. It helps us to stay focused, motivated, and to keep pushing forward despite setbacks. Here are some additional points to consider about tenacity:

  • Tenacity is often a key factor in success stories. Many successful people have faced numerous obstacles and challenges, but they kept going because they had the tenacity to persevere.
  • Tenacity is not just about working hard, it’s about working smart. It involves taking calculated risks, learning from mistakes, and being flexible enough to adjust your approach when needed.
  • Developing tenacity requires a growth mindset. This means embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. Believing that with effort and perseverance, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.
  • Tenacity is not just about individual effort – it’s also about building a support network. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. Encourage you, and provide guidance can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Remember, developing tenacity, whether personal or professional. Takes time and effort. But it’s a quality that can be cultivated and can help you achieve great things in life.

How does tenacity enhance human kindness?

Tenacity, or the quality of being persistent and determined. Can enhance human kindness by allowing individuals to continue to show compassion. Empathy even in the face of challenges or obstacles. When people demonstrate tenacity in their pursuit of kindness. They are able to overcome setbacks and maintain a positive attitude, which can inspire others to do the same. Additionally, tenacious individuals may be more likely to persevere in their efforts to help others. Which can lead to greater acts of kindness and generosity.

EXAMPLE: How tenacity, personal and professional play a significant part in the human element of life and business success.

Many years ago, I was hired as a beverage server for the Coeur D’ Alene Bingo Casino. As a white female working in a Native American casino, that didn’t go well with the local natives.

But, for me, I saw them as a human beings. See, I’m not prejudice, each day I brought human kindness and compassion to the workplace.

One day I met a woman named Mary. Who had multiple sclerosis, she sat in a wheel chair in front of a slot machine. I served her beverages and we had small talk, pleasant and friendly. Each day, we would chat and enjoy each others company.

But, there was a particular day, when I saw Mary sobbing. I rushed to her, she continued to tell me that she needed to use the rest room. But, no one would assist her.

Now to assist her would be to take her into the rest room. Undress her so she could relieve herself. She proceeded to tell me that she asked the security people. Then the first aid personnel, but to no avail she was left to fend for herself. I have to be honest, I was upset with this information. What bothered me the most was that there was no tenacity, personal and professional brought to Mary, it hurt cause I have been treated in such a fashion as well.

She begged me if I could help her, and what do you think I did. Of course I helped her use the rest room and get dressed, and wash her hands. We went back out to the slot machines and she wheeled around facing me. Tears streaming down her face, she said thank you, you are so kind. I brushed it away, and told her if she needs me in the future. Just to radio me on my walk talky and I will be there for her.

This is what’s called the human element. Now for some people, they don’t want to be embarrassed by such small task, or maybe it’s an inconvenience. You know what, I have to embrace that and understand where they are at. At the moment, that is also the human element.

See, having the human element of kindness and compassion. Is you going beyond the call of duty, or the nature of your job. It’s always reminding yourself that you could be found in the same position. Like the place Mary was in, and I bet you would hope that someone would care enough to help you.

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