Office Environments That Inspire Brainstorming Energy

Generating an atmosphere of calm relaxing, flow and balance for thought processing. Create office environments that produce a mental and emotional steadiness and energy.

Office Environment - Creativity and Energy

Setting Up the Office Environment Space to Reflect the Motivated Thought Process

I have three words that come to mind, when I think of a space where my thoughts can flow like water.

Green + Openness + Balance = Harmony in the Workplace Space

Question for you? Do you enjoy working in close proximity with others? I always feel claustrophobic myself, and it creates a bit of anxiety. When I started working as an accountant long ago, I encourage my boss to create office environment zone for all the office personal. What does that mean?

  • Green plants or wall art has a fresh natural aesthetic feel to it. Have you ever noticed when you are taking a walk with nature how your mind and body start to relax. Boy, I feel it right away. Green plants can create that effect in a office, besides offering oxygen while they use our carbon emissions. Wall art breaks points of space on white paint or other paint colors. When I’m brainstorming I tend to zone out on the details of the art piece or plants. It seems to center me.
  • Openness in a the office space is therapeutic for me. It seems to create an atmosphere of calm, which is leaves a beneficial effect on the mind and body. Look at the image above, see the openness and take notice of the green plants, when my environment is calm, and peaceful it can produce a useful and favorable results, the ideas just pour like water from my psyche. What about you?
  • Balance of aesthetically pleasing integrations of elements put together. Create a mental and emotional steadiness, employees put out more enthusiasm and energy. Add soft music in the mix, just imagine a think tank environment of focus and the productivity and the fantastic insight of success a business could achieve.

Create a office environment of open space with great office furniture.

Working in a place that encourages you and supports you is an amazing feeling.

When my boss let me change our office space, profitability increased on the bottom line of a spread sheet. I remember when I started working for my boss, he was in the red, but within one and half years, we hit 1 million in gross sale. He was so thrilled with hiring me and the implementations that I made, I was given a healthy, heathy, raise. That made me want to work harder.

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