Creating a Good Domain Name That Stands Out

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Website Domain – Your Business Calling Card

In todays article, Creating a Good Domain Name. We are gonna cover the topic of what makes a good business domain name. For me, the makings of a good domain name is the most valuable aspect in establishing your niche brand or business name on the World Wide Web.

It used to be that a business card and an ad in the local newspaper was the most important way of getting clients and sales. Wow, I can’t believe how the times have changed.

#1 Purpose: Grab Their Attention Immediately With a Good Business Domain Name

Do you know that the first thing customers look for when searching for products or a service is your domain name? It’s true, and having a clear and descriptive domain name can be the difference between interest and driving web traffic.

All the while a poorly devised domain name can have an negative effect.

Are you ready to find your good domain name?

Below I’ll share some important principles in helping you choose a domain name that reflects the mission of your brand.

#2 Purpose: Make Your Domain Name Easy to Remember

We must take consideration in the length of your business name. I prefer to use three words when creating a domain name.

Why? It stands out better when users are trying to find you, and less to read. Remember, people only give you two seconds of their time these days. Besides that shorter names are easier to remember.

Simplicity is everything, if you make it too complicated, people loose interest.

#3 Purpose: Choose Keywords That Describe Your Brand, Products, or Service

Relatable words are the best tool to helping users find your products or service in search results. Keywords are great at pointing the user to product or service, also location.

  • Keywords can describe what you offer (like “pet sitting” or “artist”),
  • Keywords can show your location (like “Seattle”),
  • Keywords can reflect your brand too.

#4 Purpose: Domain Name and Website Design Name Resemble One Another

Some people make the mistake at choosing a domain name, and then giving their website a different name, that’s a major no, no. Your domain name and website name need to be concise, clear, and the same. We don’t want to confuse anyone, and then send them to our competitor.

Domain names don’t have to be complicated either.

Now the things to avoid:

I can’t tell you how many times I see all these thing in domain names, view the list below:

  • Numbers or dashes. this actually hurts your bottom line, and Google does’nt show your site either.
  • Funny ways of spelling. Google doesn’t like slang, besides it makes it harder to find your website.
  • Misspellings. This make your site very suspicious and phishing, like malware.
  • Brand names or trademarks used by others brands. misleading users is a major no, no to search engines.

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