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Website Aesthetics Guru: is a business purpose consulting firm with a passion for simplicity. We deliver an innovative approach to help you get your business, website domain and design up and running. Creative solutions for a diverse audience.

Definition of Website Aesthetics Guru & Business Purpose Consulting

What is a website Domain?

: a group of World Wide Web pages that contain hyperlinks to each other and made available online by an individual, company, educational institutions, government or organization.

What are the Aesthetics of a Website?

: aesthetics of a website design are the visual appearance of a website, web applications, or mobile app developed using front-end technologies. As I have noticed it tends to encompasses many factors such as overall layout with an array of components, menus, buttons, images, icons, colors, fonts, etc. Aesthetics act as the reflection of the company, to offer insight to nature of services or products. Today’s modern design hype on minimalistic and responsive approach.

What is a Guru?

: a guru is a teacher, aka business purpose consulting especially in intellectual guidance in matters of business fundamental concerns.

Small Business Inspiration Articles

Our Process



The mental grasp of creating a website domain with simplified learning blocks for newbies to the World Wide Web.



You see the hedges, how I got it shaped up? It’s important to shape up your hedges, it’s like getting a haircut, stay fresh.



We don’t see them, we will never see them. To be successful you’ve got to work hard, to make history, simple, you’ve got to make it.



Look at the sunset. Surround yourself with angels, positive energy, beautiful people, beautiful souls, clean heart, angel.

Learning should be simplified and aesthetically sound, and pleasing to your customers and search engine algorithm.

— Linda J Wolff , Cultivating Calm Within

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